Our team has many software system research and developments experiments.

We do the product  market research, product requirement's analysis, product design and product developments.

We do the project requirement collection, project  estimation. project development. 

Our team members have many years experience in different industry fields : bank system, fiance industry, Tax system, CRM system, ERP system, automobile industry,  civil engineering project  management system , online education, E-commerce system,Custom electronic system.

​We will use the advanced technology according to different project and product's needs for example, AI : machine learning, data mining, data analysis. 

Bank system


Provides the bank risk analysis.

Automobile sales and order systm

Truck configuration, sales and order system.

The system provides different truck model configuration and generates orders for the truck.

It is used by global clients with multiple languages solution.

Online education

The online education system provides the online classes for students .

Finance  system

fiance system.jpg

The finance system provides the statements processing automatically. 

CRM system


The system provides the intelligent CRM system's functions, tracks the lead and creates opportunities with intelligent data mining technology to provide strong analysis reports.

E-commerce system

ecommece platform.jpg

The online stores  for clothes , foods , daily necessities, restaurants.